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Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes Six through Ten

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Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series: Volumes 6-10

The second installment of our Sony Pictures Sound Effects™ Series, this set focuses on high-end sound design, period effects, and otherworldly noises.

With this second installment of our Sony Pictures Sound Effects™ Series, we bring the hallmarks of quality and diversity to filmic auteurs everywhere. Creating your very own piece of cinematic expression has never been easier. We feel you should have the best possible set of quality auditory options available to you at a price you can afford. It's that simple.

Where our first five volumes looked to satisfy the tangible elements of the sound effects world—household items, vocals and wallas, animals, the elements—the next five move further into the intangible world of expert sound design. Explore the outer limits of science fiction, pick and choose from a variety of nail-biting horror soundscapes, or catapult your mind into the realm of the fantastic with hand-picked sonic elements from some of cinema's most imaginative films. We've fired up the wayback machine to bring you everything from Civil War era battle scenes to a choice selection of antique automobiles spanning four decades. We've also taken sound design to the next level by supplying you with a series of layerable, 5.1 surround sound explosions. Adjust each channel to your own satisfaction, boost the sub, or remove elements to get a stripped down quadraphonic sound. What's more, this booklet includes interviews with five of the industry's most prominent, influential sound design professionals, each one divulging tricks of the trade that helped put them where they are today.

As the Sony Pictures repertoire grows, so will our collections, bringing you the most cutting edge effects, Foley, and sound design from some of the film world's most talented creators. The Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series is your master key to unlocking the full potential of your artistic vision—an indispensable tool for new filmmakers or seasoned professionals looking to add something really special to those cavernous audio vaults.

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