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FieldsKit FxPlug for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express, EN, ESD

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  • Manufactured by: RE:Vision Effects


FieldsKit FxPlug provides smarter deinterlacing and better workflow options for interlaced footage.

At the heart of FieldsKit is FieldsKit Deinterlacer that deinterlaces video imagery with superior results.

Using proprietary field reconstruction and adaptive motion techniques, FieldsKit Deinterlacer can build full frames from fields that are of much higher quality than the standard approaches available in most effects and video editing applications.

The FieldsKit Reinterlacer plugin allows you create interlaced material from progressive material using various techniques, including producing new fields using motion estimation techniques. The FieldsKit Pulldown plugin allows you to animate the pulldown phase for material that has multiple cadences in the same clip.

FieldsKit FxPlug Version Features

Features of FieldsKit

  • 8 and 10 bits per channel and floating point processing.
  • Multiprocessor support.
  • All plugins work an arbitrary resolution (including HD).
  • Deinterlacer and Reinterlacer work on both PAL and NTSC footage.

FieldsKit Deinterlacer

  • Options to build better-looking frames by looking at surrounding areas in order to reconstruct better edges.
  • Option to deinterlace using motion estimation.
  • Ability to only perform deinterlacing where there is motion in the scene (useful for locked-off camera shots).
  • Ability to blur in the vertical direction to reduce or eliminate flickering or crawling artifacts.
  • Ability to post-sharpen to help regain some of the detail lost when creating the deinterlaced frames.

FieldsKit Reinterlacer

  • Create interlaced material from progressive material using motion estimation.
  • Ability to combine and blend fields to help reduce artifacts in interlaced material.

FieldsKit FxPlug Specifications

FieldsKit FxPlug version for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express Compatibility

  • Final Cut Pro 6.0.3 and up, and FCP 7.x, but not FCP X.
  • Final Cut Express 4.0.1 and up

Operating System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4 and up, including native Intel Mac support.

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