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iClone4 PRO, EN, ESD

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  • Model: IC4PRO-ESD
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  • Manufactured by: Reallusion


iClone 4 PRO

3D Movie Machine

Popular 3D animation software

Real-time animation evolves with 3D Video FX, motion paths, HDR and rapid drag & drop creation inside iClone4. iClone4 introduces new features that combine video production with 3D real-time animation. The result is a powerful production tool for motion graphics, 3D animation and video compositing.

iClone 4 is a rapid 3D creation program for pros or anyone interested in getting started with 3D. Explore the speed and time-saving productivity of visual computing with 3D real-time animation. iClone 4 is designed for users of all skill levels to create movies, video games, web media, visualizations and presentations with 3D content. Cheap and easy creation and realistic 3D result, that is iClone4. In version 4, you can now combine your video footage with 3D animation to achieve amazing creations.

iClone is the world's leading 3D character animation tool designed to bring the power of 3D animation to the masses. iClone delivers fast facial animation, character generation, visual effect and scene production tools for creating next-generation machinima movies inside iClone’s 3D real-time rendering environment. Connect your 3D Studio Max, Maya or Google SketchUp workflow to iClone and evolve model creation and animation with iClone’s intuitive interface. iClone users experience on-demand access to a rich bank of content available from Reallusion, user-generated libraries or through Reallusion’s partnership with Google delivering over 200,000 free 3D models to iClone through the Google 3D Warehouse. iClone’s 3D real-time filmmaking is blasting machinima beyond the game.

Design & personalize actors using photos & textures. Bring actors to life with facial animation, motion, clothing and accessories. Build scenes with actor-interactive props, elaborate architecture and natural environmental elements including sky, terrain, water and atmosphere. Puppet actors and pilot vehicles with videogame-like keyboard hotkeys (W,S,A,D).

Main New Features in iClone4:

Faster & Smarter

Faster & Smarter Manipulation

  • Drag and drop editing from files on your computer or external hard drive.
  • Directly turn image or video files into 3D objects.
  • Gizmo manipulation with 3D Viewer.
  • Ability to direct your actor or prop with accessory hot key menu in the Director Mode.
  • Dockable and collapsible Timeline Editor.


popVideo & 3D Video FX

  • Supports video files (AVI, WMV,MOV, FLV, etc.) in any texture channel.
  • Video layering for foreground, background, titling and SFX.
  • Turn video with alpha channel into popVideo for iClone.
  • Place video on any surface of 3D objects for 3D video SFX.

Visual Enhancement

Visual Enhancement

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) effects.
  • IBL (Image Based Lighting) effects.
  • Enhanced shadow map for flexible shading effects.
  • Particle softness and orientation for realistic SFX.
  • Realistic water animation with video normal map.
  • Smooth blending between water and land with edge softness.
  • Rotation-driven spring animation for naturally moving hair and skirts.

Smoother Animation

Smoother Animation

  • Motion Path with speed, orientation and editing control.
  • Transition curve for more natural object movement.
  • Smoother camera motion for better camera movement.
  • Full hand gestures with fast motion editing.
  • Motion reverse.

Built-in Facial Editor

Built-in Facial Editor

  • Facial puppeteering – Use your mouse to select and direct the facial features of your actor as you play back in real-time.
  • Enhanced G4 head system with facial bone level morphing and key editing.
  • Enhanced facial tracks in Timeline for keyframe or motion clip management.

Texture Share & Blending

Texture Share & Blending

  • Decrease file size by using external textures and sharing textures for multiple objects.
  • Eyedropper and paint bucket for quick texture editing.
  • Adjust UV map with rotate, mirror, and invert.
  • Blend textures with different modes: multiply, addition, overlay.

New Characters and Content Goodies

New Actor New Actor
G3 Human Character
- Dylan & Jane
G3 Cartoon Character
- Jimmy-Toon
New Actor New Actor
G4 Head with Normal Map
- Benny
Non-human Character
- Lamp (PRO only)

  • New characters with G4 head system optimized for advanced facial animation.
  • Character base for stylized cartoon animation - Jimmy-Toon.
  • New persona motion files for daily movements and dialog.
  • Be able to import facial texture files from Poser and Second Life.
  • Add new behaviors to avatar by attaching new props: wings to add fly mode, glove to add boxing mode.
  • Be able to edit and animate 3D creatures other than human.

Other Enhancement

  • Added: Allow set pivot for any object to create rolling wheels, doors and other smart props.
  • Added: Decimal precision to the transformation of props.
  • Added: Dummy mode - set prop or accessory as dummy for easier manipulation.
  • Added: Create head with bone level morphing.
  • Added: AML human centric - actor is able to perform specific motions by accessing different AML accessories.
  • Added: Enhanced Scene Manager with freeze function.
  • Added: Individual sound track for characters, props, etc.
  • Added: Detailed hand management, with ability to save gesture clips.
  • Added: Accept UV face map from 3rd-party model in enhanced G4 head bone system.
  • Added: New type of "Gloves" for character style setting.
  • Added: Eyelashes available in new G4 head.
  • Enhanced: Able to see trees or grass in Quick Shader.
  • Enhanced: Preference panel update.
  • Enhanced: Quick Access function for Modify panel.
  • Enhanced: Highlighted texts in Modify panel allow key animation setting.
  • Enhanced: Quick switch between Director and Editor mode
  • Enhanced: Ability to customize file thumbnail.
  • Enhanced: Right-click menu with scroll bar for flexible search.
  • Enhanced: Collapsible Timeline editor with track grouping and show/hide function.
  • Enhanced: Ability to do key animation of image layer and multiple layering.
  • Enhanced: Atmosphere and sky tracks enhancement.
  • Enhanced: Flexibility to adjust shadow quality by adjusting map resolution range.

More Features of iClone Software

iClone4 - BackStage - Live Content Access

iClone BackStage - Live Content Access

  • Preview hundreds of models and motions for free inside your iClone4 scene.
  • Easy search and preview features to find what you are looking for.
  • Manage your purchases and downloads with the Online Inventory System.
  • Audition actors and get them quickly with Live Activation.
  • Marketplace for Certified Content Developers (CCD)
iClone4 - WidgetMe - Transparent Flash Movie for the Web

WidgetMe - Transparent Flash Movie for the Web

  • Turn your iClone 3D movies to transparent Flash videos (iWidgets).
  • Directly transfer an iWidget movie to WidgetMe editor after rendering.
  • Send your animated WidgetMe greetings with custom iClone avatars.
  • Share your creations by placing your widget stickers on any websites.
  • Free content hosting by Reallusion.
  • Cross platform web browser display of your WidgetMe creations.
iClone4 - Flexible Spring for Natural Movement

Flexible Spring for Natural Movement

  • Spring is a dynamic effect that can be added to the following targets: hair, accessories, props, and actors.
  • Want more movement? Strengthen or weaken the effect on your chosen target.
  • Female or obese characters can move with more natural body-weight displacement.
  • Create amazing creatures with natural movement of long ears, antennas, etc.
  • Three ways to enhance your characters' natural movement: the strength of the flex, how soft or hard the object is, and how long the spring action sustains itself.
iClone4 - Material Key Frame Editing and Animation

Material Key Frame Editing and Animation

  • Double-click texture map icons to open a new map.
  • Directly select the target material from a 3D model via Material Picker, quickly locate and edit the material settings for your props, accessories and actor skins.
  • Color Adjustment for the individual texture channel.
  • Support PNG files for transparency maps, the diffuse and opacity maps go into their corresponding channels.
  • Each texture channel has its own material UV setting (tile, offset).
  • Materials such as glow, opacity, bump, specular, glossiness, reflection and color can be set with animation keys on the Timeline.
  • One additional timeline track of material key for props enabling material animation, eg. fade in/out props, change color, reflect, glow, or make the bump animation.
  • Material library provides multi-textured materials with seamless tiling.
iClone4 - CloneBone Character System

CloneBone Character System

  • UI controls for CloneBone for easier modification and selection. Instead of selecting the attached prop, you can now select the bone itself.
  • You can enable "look at"’or "link" objects to the bone root itself.
  • Easily transform any body part before or after attachment to CloneBone.
  • Directly pick specific parts of CloneBone characters for quick motion editing - just like with other avatars.
  • Accessories support iProp animation, and have the option for inheritance - you can scale the bone and the CloneBone part will simultaneously scale accordingly.
iClone4 - AML Templates and Interactivity

AML Templates and Interactivity

  • Dummy Objects for character to character interaction, eg. say hello, kick, and hit.
  • AML templates and Dummy Objects for sitting and grabbing, eg. users can attach the sit dummy to any chair to make the character sit there, or attach an object to the grab dummy so the character can grab it.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • Pentium4 2GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2GB free hard disk space
  • Display Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Color Depth: True Color (32-bit)
  • Graphic Card*: Support for DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0
  • Video Memory: 256MB RAM

Recommended System Requirements

(iClone will have better performance in below recommended environment.)
  • Dual core CPU or higher
  • 2GB RAM or higher recommended
  • 2GB free hard disk space or higher recommended
  • Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce 8 Series or higher / ATI HD 3000 Series or higher
  • Video Memory: 512MB RAM or higher recommended
  • Video card compatible with Pixel Shader 3.0 recommended for optimized visual performance

Additional Requirements

  • Sound card / Keyboard / Mouse / Speaker
  • 3-button mouse
  • DirectX 9 and WMEncoder 9 are required for WMV exporting
  • Internet connection required for online activation

Operating System Requirements

  • Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (With Service Pack 2 or later)
  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating system

Graphics Card Support List

Graphics Card Quick Shader Vertex Shader Pixel Shader HDR
nVIDIA GeForce 5 Fx Series
GeForce 6 Series
GeForce 7 Series
GeForce 8 Series
GeForce 9 Series
GeForce 100 Series
GeForce 200 Series
Quadro FX370
ATI X1xxx Series
HD2000 Series
HD3000 Series
HD4000 Series
Intel GMA 950 (Intel 945G) .
GMA 3000 (Intel G965) .
GMA 3500 (Intel G35) .
GMA 4500 (Intel G45) . .

* If your Intel Graphics Card has any display issues, please update your Graphics Card Driver.

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