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CH90 Digital Pan and Tilt Head

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  • Model: CH90
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
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The Digital CH90 Head pans and tilts your film or video camera smooth and accurately by proportional joystick control. Use on Jib Arms, remote mounts, or tripod mounted and run 2 cameras with 1 operator. Unlimited uses.

12 VOLT POWER - Comes standard with 12 volt AC transformer, and easily accepts 12 or 24 volt battery power through 4 pin XLR connector. (fits most battery belts) Or optional 24 volt power supply.

HIGH TORQUE D/C GEAR MOTORS - The highest quality Maxon coreless motors are used on the CH90. Pan and Tilt speeds from 1 rev. in 10 minutes to 6 RPM at 12 volts and 11 RPM at 24 volts. Additional motors available at gear ratios to 3000:1 for movement so slow it can't be seen. Motors in different ratios, or more motors for different applications can be supplied too.

20 POUND CAPACITY - For cameras as small as DV up most broadcast units.

JOYSTICK CONTROLLED - Proportionally controlled from top quality joystick mounted directly in the control unit.

20 FOOT CABLE - Cables come standard at 20 feet.

The new digital control of the CH90 includes Linear or Logrithmic joystick capability. Deadspot control and Speed Control.

Linear Joystick - Each degree of movement reflects and equal amount of speed increase.

Logrithmic Joystick - In the first half of the joystick movement, each degree reflects smaller increases in speed. Second half of joystick movement increases faster to catch up to full power. This makes slow speed more controllable yet keeps top speeds available if necessary.

Deadspot Control - Opens the center fo the joystick where no movement of the motors occurs. This way you can set it to your abilitites and insure no crossover to the other axis when not wanted.

Speed Control - Limits top speed and spreads the new speed over the full movement of the joystick. Creating more accuracy where needed.

CH90 Digital Pan and Tilt Head - useful accessory to our Camera Crane Turnkey Sets.

This product was added to our catalog on 06/03/2008.

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