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Boris Continuum Complete 10 AVX, Academic, ESD download

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  • Model: BCC10AVX-EDU-ESD
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  • Manufactured by: Boris FX


BCC 10 AVX at Academic Price for Schools and Students

Video Effects Plug-ins for Avid Editing and Finishing Systems

Boris Continuum Complete AVX features new Flicker Remover and Videoscope tools, integrated Beat Reactor technology for audio-driven effect animation, and a new Film Glow filter, supports Avid Media Composer 6, Symphony 6, and NewsCutter 10.

Over 200 Native Filters and Transitions for Avid Media Composer and Symphony

Boris Continuum Complete extends the capabilities of NLE and compositing applications with over 200 filters for professional visual effects creation. With intuitive on-screen controls and support for multi-processor and OpenGL acceleration, users can quickly create multi-layer composites with robust tools for keying, lighting, color, and even temporal effects. Powerful integration features include built-in motion tracking and unique PixelChooser technology that creates region or channel-based masks. Thousands of presets provide precise effects creation with minimal learning curve. Use Boris Continuum Complete to Tint, Tone, Blur, Glow, Distort, and Transform video images. Add Light Rays, Film Grain and Scratches, Lens Flares, Rain, or Snow. Remove unwanted Noise, Grain, or Scratches. Precisely adjust Light and Color levels and smoothly Deinterlace video and simulate the motion of film. Image filtering effects can be selectively applied using PixelChooser masking and Apply Modes.

Key New Features in Version 8

  • BCC Videoscope: checks color levels at any stage of an Avid Media Composer, NewsCutter, or Symphony project, ensuring broadcast-legal colors of the final output or any individual element in the project.
  • BCC Film Glow: creates the soft feel of exposed film.
  • BCC Flicker Fixer: repairs video affected by flickering light or uneven shutter exposure.
  • Beat Reactor: built into many BCC AVX filters, Beat Reactor makes it easy to generate audio-driven effects such as a pulsing light, a glow, or even an image wipe that follows along with the beat of an audio track.

A free update to BCC 8 AVX, scheduled for release in December, will additionally provide:

  • BCC Stage Light: simulates production lights, projectors, or stage lighting.
  • BCC Lens Flare 3D: creates cinematic looks, stylish broadcast design elements, and beautiful transitions.
  • BCC Particle Emitter: provides an incredibly powerful, flexible, and OpenGL-accelerated particle system.
  • BCC Organic Strands: emulates flowing strands of matter, glowing plasma, and many other creative options.
  • BCC Wild Cards: an easy-to-use particle-based filter for building complex designs of 2D images in 3D space.

Key Features

  • BCC 3D Objects category of 3D OpenGL extruded text generators
  • "Digital repair"-style filters such as Smooth Tone, DV Fixer, and Pixel Fixer
  • Hundreds of factory-installed animated presets
  • Video noise reduction using video clip spatial and temporal information
  • Lens Blur, Lens Shape, and Lens Transition effects
  • Over 1500 factory-installed presets
  • New single-click custom-preset navigation tool eases effect selection
  • OpenGL hardware-accelerated vertex and pixel shaders
  • 3D particle effects including Particle Array 3D and Pin Art 3D
  • Motion Tracking data import and export
  • Advanced image processing algorithms which enhance image quality while transform scaling a clip
  • Pan and Zoom filter with extensive on-screen UI and rotation control
  • Avid AVX 2 architecture support including extensive use of HUD (heads-up display) user interface controls and Avid's advanced keyframing mode.
  • EZ parameter display mode and ability to display only modified or animated filter parameters.
  • Unique PixelChooser technology provides integrated channel or region-based masks. A custom option lets you draw an animatable vector-based bezier spline masks using on-screen controls.
  • OpenGL filters includes hardware-accelerated filters such as Glint, Lens Flare, LED, Prism, and Damaged TV.
  • Volumetric lighting filters include Rays Cartooner, Rays Texture, Rays Streaky and Light Zoom.
  • Combine and animate apply modes in a single layer.
  • Auto-animating wipes use a unique influence parameter to create custom shapes based on channel information
  • Precisely key with spill suppression, Chroma, Luma and Two Way Key, Matte Choker, Light Wrap and Wire Remover
  • Motion Key for foreground object removal
  • State-of-the-art Time filters include Temporal Blur, Velocity Remap, Jitter, Looper and Optical Flow
  • Primary and secondary color correction filters.
  • Create 3D geometric shapes such as spheres and cylinders, which intersect in Z-space with soft cast shadows and 3D spotlights
  • Deep color support with 16-bit image processing

New Features in Continuum Complete 7 AVX

With over 200 filter effects and transitions divided into 10 categories, BCC 7 AVX adds many new features and improvements including:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Lens Blur
  • Lens Shape
  • Lens Transition
  • Particle Array 3D
  • Pin Art 3D Filter
  • Compare Mode
  • On-Screen Overlay Control Widgets
  • Performance Gains
  • Boris AAF Transfer Support

Noise Reduction

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Noise Reduction

Smoothes out video noise using spatial and temporal information derived from the video clip - especially in dark areas of an image.

Lens Blur

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Lens Blur

Emulates a popular lens blur or rack defocus effect where out-of-focus highlights of an image clip take on the shape of the lens shutter. The filter includes a gradient map layer to control the depth of focus.

Lens Shape

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Lens Shape

Designer effect similar to a rack defocus effect where the shape of the bokeh can be imported from an external layer.

Lens Transition

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Lens Transition

Wipe filter that applies a lens blur or rack defocus effect to the specular highlights of outgoing and incoming image clips.

Particle Array 3D

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Particle Array 3D

Creates a grid of particles oriented in 3D space.

Pin Art 3D

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Pin Art 3D

Creates a grid of particles oriented in 3D space.

Compare Mode

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Compare Mode

Added to over one-third of BCC 7 AVX's filters, Compare Mode is a convenient tool that enables you to compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source via either a side-by-side view or a live split-screen view. In the side-by-side view, you can view the unfiltered and filtered image result in the preview window as changes are made to the image. In the split-screen view, you can drag the wipe bar anywhere across the image to compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source at any zoom level. Additionally, the Compare Mode feature includes the unique ability to view the filtered result with a live filtered layer in the timeline.

On-Screen Overlay Control Widgets

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - On-Screen Overlay Control Widgets

The most commonly-used parameters in each BCC filter are now accessible via Avid-native on-screen overlay widgets, each with dynamic parameter value displays that update automatically as the widget is adjusted. Color-coded and easy to use, the new widgets allow parameter adjustments while your eye remains focused on the image. Overlays can be turned on and off by Avid's built-in overlay control.

Performance Gains

The new BCC Pin Art 3D and BCC Particle Array 3D filters integrate a new particle engine that is OpenGL-accelerated. All BCC 7 AVX filters take advantage of either multi-processing or OpenGL hardware acceleration to deliver an interactive effects design experience.

AAF Transfer Support

BCC 7 AVX is supported by Boris AAF Transfer, a new plug-in that facilitates seamless transfer of Final Cut Pro sequences with BCC 7 FxPlug filters to Avid Media Composer. BCC 7 FxPlug filters are translated to corresponding BCC 7 AVX filters - including all of the keyframed changes.

Classic Effects Features for your Avid System

Avid Workflow Features

  • Advanced Keying & Compositing
  • PixelChooser Masking with Custom Vector Region
  • Integrated Motion Tracking
  • Acceleration Control for Smoother Animation
  • Performance Improvements

Avid Effects Features

  • Advanced Film Effects
  • Witness Protection & Wire Remover
  • Light Effects
  • Optical Flow Filter
  • Auto-Animating Wipe Transitions

Advanced Keying & Compositing

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Advanced Keying & Compositing

Stack multiple filters on keyed elements or titles without affecting the background elements. The new Multi-filter feature enables more precise keying and expands the range of effects by providing an easy workflow for applying multiple filters that only affect a foreground element rather than the entire video image.

PixelChooser Masking with Custom Vector Region

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - PixelChooser Masking with Custom Vector Region

The PixelChooser Region option allows the Avid user to create a custom animated mask by drawing a vector-based polygon onscreen.

Integrated Motion Tracking

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Integrated Motion Tracking

Built-in Motion Tracking allows Position parameters to follow the movement of something in the video image.

Acceleration Control for Smoother Animation

Acceleration Control allows spatial parameters to use something other than linear interpolation for more natural animations.

Performance Improvements

General optimizations and improved memory handling including multi-processor and OpenGL optimizations for more Draft Quality RT playback and / or faster rendering to disk. The BCC AVX set now consists of fewer AVX files which results in faster AVX initialization and faster Avid launch times.

Advanced Film Effects

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Advanced Film Effects

Deinterlace, Film Process, and Match Grain – Film effects let you give video footage the appearance of having been shot on film. Emulate popular film stocks or integrate different types of media in a single project. For example, match computer-generated animations with archival film stock. Deinterlace takes interlaced video and converts it to frame based footage while maintaining the highest image quality and resolution possible. This filter also includes options for simulating telecine 24fps material with pulldown. Film Process offers precise controls to simulate the tinting and gamma of film stocks. Match Grain allows you to apply a preset grain signature or sample the grain from one source and apply a similar grain to another clip.

Witness Protection & Wire Remover

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Witness Protection & Wire Remover

The Witness Protection filter allows Avid Editors to track the motion of an object in the image. You can then use the motion tracking data to position an effect to be applied to the image. For example, track a logo on a t-shirt and use a blur to obscure it. Avid users can apply a mosaic, blur, tint or brightness/contrast effect to the specified area. The filter is useful for obscuring or highlighting a particular object in a shot.

The Wire Remover removes wires and unwanted objects from still or moving images by either cloning or blending pixels together from surrounding areas. This filter has several uses. When working with blue or green screen shots, use this filter to remove wires or eliminate unwanted rigs or objects prior to keying. Avid users can also use this filter to blend replacement pixels over video dropouts or film scratches. The Wire Remover filter includes two motion trackers. This allows Avid Editors to track the ends of the wire if the ends move.

Light Effects including Light Rays Effects and Lens Flare

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Light Effects including Light Rays Effects and Lens Flare

Continuum adds several new effects for simulating volumetric light rays. While these effects have many controls in common, each effect is geared toward a particular way of filtering or masking the light source. For example, mask the light source based on the luma edges (Rays_Radiant Edges) or an outline around the edges (Rays_Cartoon), or mask the light source based on an animatable ring or wedge shape (Rays_Ring and Rays_Wedge). Avid users can also create dramatic effects where the light rays have a shimmering texture which auto-animates and can be generated based on a ripple or noise map.

Optical Flow Filter for Smooth, Keyframe-able Motion Effects

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Optical Flow Filter for Smooth, Keyframe-able Motion Effects

The Time effect Optical Flow uses motion vectors to analyze the image and create new intermediate frames providing very smooth, keyframable, slow motion effects.

Auto-Animating Wipe Transitions

Continuum Complete 7 AVX - Auto-Animating Wipe Transitions

Continuum offers a suite of Wipes which provide a variety of unique transitions. Avid Editors can apply and customize the wipes in no more than a few clicks (no keyframing required). Advanced features include animating patterns and noise that modify the shape of the wipe edge as well as multiple borders with options for softness and bias control. A unique Influence feature uses the luma or chroma values of the incoming or outgoing shot to influence the shape of the wipe edge, resulting in looks with a natural feel.

Firma Boris FX, založena roku 1995, je předním výrobcem ucelených grafických a efektovacích technologií, dodávajících 3D skladbu a vektorovou grafiku do oborů broadcast, post-produkce, film a multimedia.

Produkty firmy Boris používají miliony umělců a tvůrců po celém světě. Úspěch firmy spočívá v její schopnosti integrovat a pozdvihnout technologie skrze silné partnerství s předními výrobci v oboru, jakými jsou Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Grass Valley a Sony.

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